offers the ideal antidote to the fragmented nature of the aerospace industry. This online platform is aimed at all parts of the aviation and space sectors with a view to creating a place where companies can meet, exchange and forge mutually beneficial partnerships. This means that firms and specializations as diverse as aircraft design, materials, UAVs manufacturing, airframe systems and space applications are to be found here.

Airgetintouch covers the space as well as aviation industries

Firms can use the site for different purposes – some will be looking for new clients, others for suppliers. Certain companies will be interested in Airgetintouch’s cluster section, which seeks to promote the development of specialist clusters in the aerospace industry. This approach is of particular interest to businesses that want to increase their productivity and move into new markets. Auxiliary services offered by the site, such as the translation of your documentation into different languages, are also extremely useful to firms wanting to expand their client base.

Although most firms featured on the website are involved in the aviation field, Airgetintouch does also cover the space industry, as you can see below.