www.fmsportsacademies.com is the site to visit if you’re interested in sports but don’t want to let your studies fall by the wayside. Their sports and studies and sports and language-learning programmes are aimed at both children and adults and offer the chance to develop your sporting potential in a number of different disciplines. Expect a team of highly-trained professionals who are there with one goal in mind: to nurture your talent, whether it lies in football, golf, basketball, tennis or even horse-riding.

Horse riding academy in France
Photo credit : www.fmsportsacademies.com


You can also combine the world of academia with that of sports by enrolling in a sport coaching course in England. This course prepares students for a BTEC-level programme and also includes English tuition.

The guiding principle behind the FM Sports Academy vision is the idea that sport can complement rather than hinder education by encouraging hard work and building motivation, focus and perseverance. Courses offer younger people a great opportunity to not just improve language skills in French, Spanish, English or German, but also to develop new perspectives and grow in maturity.