The internet site is a great showcase for all kinds of vintage furniture. This look draws its inspirations from many different sources: post-war reconstruction, arts and crafts, traditional country styles and more. Despite this diversity, vintage furniture designs have certain shared characteristics. They are practical, very hard-wearing, versatile and simple in their execution. They also have an enduring appeal which makes many of these designs real collector’s items.

A shabby chic décor can be created outside as well as indoors with the help of suitable furniture designs

Another design movement that features heavily in the PIB-Home website has an even longer pedigree than vintage furniture – Scandinavian design. The Nordic countries have been a powerhouse of furniture design since long before IKEA came onto the scene. As a result, PIB-Home has designs from Finnish, Swedish and Danish designers on offer.

Somewhere between these two very different schools of design lies the ‘shabby-chic’ approach. Wood is a much-favoured material for aficionados of this style, possibly because it can be easily ‘distressed’ yet still retains its warmth. The small bench shown below is a great example of the old world elegance that so many shabby chic items exude.