Millions of pounds have been poured into research in developing treatments for the allergies that plague large sections of the world’s populations, especially in the West. One French company is currently working upon a remarkably simple solution that it thinks could hold the key to this modern-day health issue. More information is available on the company’s website at, but in brief, DBV-Technologies’ answer lies in an adhesive patch that is applied directly to the skin, the Viaskin® patch.


The Viaskin® patch
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This approach offers a whole range of benefits over other solutions. It’s a highly flexible tool, as the condensation chamber that holds and delivers the immunoactive compounds to the body through the skin can take anything from a few micrograms to several hundred micrograms of the active material in question. Since this method does not break the blood-skin barrier, it is also an extremely safe allergy treatment – the risk of anaphylactic shock during the treatment process is vastly reduced compared with other approaches to treatment. It’s also very useful for working with children, as it’s totally painless – altogether, the Viaskin® patch looks to have a promising future in the field of allergy diagnosis and treatment!