FRW Carobronze is a French firm with a proud heritage. The company was set up in 1919 and despite the changes of the intervening years, has been producing quality semi-finished metal products since that date. Its core activity has remained focused on brass, bronze, stainless steel and alloys. These alloys are mainly, but not exclusively, copper alloys, and all-copper items make up one of the company’s most important lines (see below). Carobronze prides itself on its versatility, which is very much apparent in the range of techniques it applies to its metals: extrusion, forging, continuous casting, electrolytic and deoxidized copper etc. These diverse approaches allow for the creation of products in a whole range of shapes and sizes. Whether you need tubes or pipes, rectangular or hexagonal bars or even sheets (, Carobronze is the place to come.

Copper is one of the mainstays of Paris-based FRW Carobronze’s output

There is a useful compilation of information on each and every product. This covers everything from the international standards met, the chemical composition of the alloys, their mechanical specifications, physical properties and the maximum and minimum physical dimensions for each product.